Zak Corbin Shows Huge Readership Boost on Wattpad!

This is really and truly amazing.  I decided to start posting chapters of ZAK CORBIN: MASTER OF MACHINES on Wattpad as a means to expand the number of people who might be interested in my work. Wattpad is an interesting site: writers post their work for comment and review. Some notable authors, like Margret Atwood and Amanda Hocking, have found ways to expand their own writing worlds by posting short fiction and related stories to their published works on Wattpad.

Things got interesting when Wattpad contacted me and expressed an interest in featuring ZAK on their site.  Once they did, the readership, comments and follows exploded. I went from about 800 reads to over 40K in about a week and a half. The comments have been very appreciative and the number of people following me went from about 2 to almost eight hundred. This is a huge win, as it gives me the impetus to reach real readers and not just the long line of “thanks but no” from agents and publishers.

Now I’m continuing Zak’s adventures exclusively on Wattpad. So check in for Neptune’s Fury while your cruising the web.

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