Zak Corbin Now Appearing on Wattpad!

Progress continues with the adventures of Zak Corbin, his friends and a certain seven-and-a-half foot tall robot named Pogo.

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wattpadI’ve decided to start posting chapters of ZAK CORBIN: MASTER OF MACHINES on Wattpad. I’m doing this for several reasons. One, it expands the amount of coverage and interest in the characters to a much wider audience. Apparently in the Philippines, Wattpad is really big because the site is enhanced for use with mobile phones. I downloaded the app  to my Samsung Galaxy II and was very impressed.

Two, reading from Wattpad is free. It’s come to the point where getting people to buy a book doesn’t matter as much as building an awareness of a writer. If people like your work, they’ll come back. Free in this case is good.

Three, my social connections from Wattpad now extend to Facebook and Twitter, so I reach even more people. That’s way better than checking a page on Amazon or Smashwords and finding no one has downloaded my book.

And lastly, this work paves the way for Neptune’s Fury. Second book, more connections, more happy readers.

Audience, audience, audience!


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