Zak Corbin Makes it to Quarterfinals of Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest

After much hair-pulling and eyestrain, I looked on the Amazon site ( and lo and behold, my young adult story ZAK CORBIN: MASTER OF MACHINES made it to the quarter finals!  Holy halibut!
So what does this mean?  It means now I have to conduct some kind of publicity campaign to get Amazon readers to look at my entry’s excerpt and comment on it.  I’ll be posting the information as soon as I figure out how that is supposed to happen.
All hail our robot overlords!

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    1. Hi Miriam,I apologize for the delay as I only just returned to the US now from overseas and am working my way through all the mestsgea.Congrasulations on winning and hopefully you got your documents in on time. In any case a lot of these questions I am not sure of the exact answer to and would be best answered by the USCIS. In regards to the high school part, that can pose a problem if you didn’t graduate and becomes up to the discretion of the US consular official who assesses your case at your interview.Good Luck,CJ

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