Zak Corbin Featured At GMU

Received a wonderful email from my alma mater, George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. A copy of ZAK CORBIN now sits among a rather high-brow collection of novels, poetry, short stories, essays and other works from the university’s MFA program.

GMU MFA bookcase
Zak Corbin under glass

And here’s another, wider shot of the book under glass:

Zak Corbin in the MFA bookcase
Zak Corbin @ GMU

It’s odd to see the book in comparison with the others. Young adult books have black covers and a lot of dramatic artwork, so seeing Zak, Lisabeth and Pogo makes it all the more fun.

It’s great to see the book will be there for some time. I just hope someone pulls it out and reads it!

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