Writing Report – September 2015

So here’s what’s going on so far in my writing world:

ZAK CORBIN AND THE MASTER OF MACHINES: Screenplay requested by representative from Vanguard Films (only to read folks, not to option).

THE LAST EMPRESS: TV Pilot screenplay entered in Screencraft TV Pilot Contest. Previous version of script placed as Quarter Finalist in the 2015 PAGE International Screenplay Awards. Judge’s score put it at an 81 out of 100, with a score rating of CONSIDER, putting it into upper 25% of all submissions.

DARKEST HOUR (Book 1 of VANQUISH series): Daryl Toh is working hard on cover designs. I have a recent color submission from him. No pub date yet from publisher, but today is Battle of Britain Day in the UK.

STORM FRONT (Book 2 of VANQUISH series): Title change. Approximately 30,000 words into current version. (There have been a ton of rewrites and false starts on this one. This latest one seems to stick.)

WAR BIRD (Book 3 of VANQUISH series): No progress. There are drafts hanging around on my computer, but this one is looking like a complete start from scratch.

ZAK CORBIN 3: The plotting continues for a possible third book. Thinking about publishing on Amazon along with ZAK CORBIN 2 (NEPTUNE’S FURY), which currently sits on Wattpad.

SID DEX: Yes. My trusty private eye from The Future That Never Happened could be rebooted as an on-line serial (this blog, not Wattpad). Since the movie Tomorrowland was such a disappointing bust, I am considering renaming the  character and putting him/her(?) in a Rocketeer-type setting.



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