Would you go see a ZAK CORBIN movie?

ZAK and POGO sketch
ZAK and POGO sketch

Well, of course you would! So would I!

In case you haven’t noticed, things with me have been a bit under the radar lately. I’ve been writing chapters to NEPTUNE’S FURY and posting them (to great exultation) on Wattpad. I’ve been sending the freshly-edited and re-written VANQUISH to prospective agents and presses. I’ve been drafting and thinking about my NEXT BIG ADVENTURE (which I can only hint at as being very steampunky and sorcery like — always wanted to try magic).

And I’ve been thinking about Zak’s popularity on Wattpad. I can’t begin to thank all the folks who leave comments on the chapters. More than a few number of readers have expressed interest in going to see ZAK CORBIN as a movie. Well, why not? Daryl’s artwork is great and the story certainly has enough action, romance and thoughtfulness.

And then I came across Amazon Studios. Check through their website and there’s a chance for you to submit movie and TV scripts and have them judged (and possibly optioned). It’s kind of works like American Idol, with voting and judging.  Well I think this is a great idea. So much so that I’ve been adapting MASTER OF MACHINES into a screenplay.

Which is both entertaining and frustrating. Movie scripts don’t contain excessive details and you can’t have long passages of description like a novel. A screenplay is about character, dialog, plot and storytelling. You have to follow the right format.  Page count is crucial. Each page represents approximately one minute of movie time, so you can’t go over the usual 120 pages or you have a film that’s too long.  For a kid’s film, like ZAK might be, the page count is even lower, maybe 90 – 100 pages. So everything has to happen, in short order, the best that you can make it.

So when I do post the screenplay to ZAK CORBIN, I will definitely be reaching out to many followers and well-wishers to come check it out and vote on Amazon Studios!



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