Welcome to Hollywood and Divine

In a Hollywood of the 1940s filled with fantastic creatures and terrifying demons, a hard-boiled private eye takes on his last case: saving his new partner and the world.

Its 1948 and private eye C.A. Cavanaugh handles cases regarding magic and all that it implies. In this Hollywood, there’s real magic behind the movies–vampires, jolly green giants, and elves baking cookies in a hollow tree. Haunted by his partner’s death, Cavanaugh’s ready to leave Hollywood behind until Winnie King, his partner’s daughter, shows up to claim fifty percent of the business.

But magic also makes murder that much more interesting, as mages and demons wheel their deals. Our detective and his brand-new partner are dragged into the death of a young starlet sharing a bed with a powerful producer. With the girl murdered by a magic curse, blame falls to the producer’s disgruntled wife: faded Hollywood legend, Norma Tyler. Cavanaugh, an old flame, takes one last case determined to clear Norma’s name.

A new serial adventure to be updated continuously.

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