VANQUISH makes it to 2013 Amazon contest quarterfinals!

Last year, I had great success submitting ZAK CORBIN: MASTER OF MACHINES to the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. That entry made it all the way to the semi-finals and produced a lot of interest.

Now its 2013 and I’m back in the contest with a new entry in the YA category: VANQUISH: CALL OF THE KESTREL. This was a challenging book to write and it took a great amount of research and pushing me to becoming a better writer in many different ways. Here’s a blurb that covers the story’s premise:

It is the spring of 1940 and the Battle of Britain is about to be unleashed in a way never seen before. In a different take on history, the First World War lasted for almost twenty years; a terrible stalemate because the United States refused to take sides. So many men were lost and killed in that conflict that, in desperation, England allows women to serve in the military as front-line troops, sailors and pilots.


Briley Bannatyne, a young machinist, lives in the shadow of her favored older brother, Mackinley. She enlists in Britain’s Air Militia—not for glory or duty—but to provide for her family when her brother is badly injured in a plane crash. As her fantastic adventure begins, there are battles with pirates and flying battleships. Striking up a friendship with a captured pirate named Kendrick, Briley suffers terror and tragedy at the onset of one of the greatest air battles of all time.

I’m very excited about the entry’s progress in the contest and would love for you to get excited too. Please connect to Amazon’s Kindle page for the entry and download the excerpt (the first two chapters!) absolutely free. I would love to hear your comments.

I am also starting a blog just for the book at Feel free to stop by and comment on the story, the concept and what drives me to write. Don’t forget to visit my Facebook author page and express your thoughts too!


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