VANQUISH Facebook Timeline Art

Time to show off more of Daryl Toh’s skills. This time, I’ll be showing off his progress towards the beautiful header image shown on this blog and on my Facebook author page.

Daryl first created for me a wonderful Timeline image for ZAK CORBIN when I published the book last year. So when I approached him for some promotional imagery for VANQUISH, he included a Facebook Timeline image as well. Here are his initial prototypes. Click the image to see the larger version. Notice the characters from the previous post and how he places them in the sketches here.

Facebook Timeline Sketches
Facebook Timeline Sketches









Looking at these, I really liked “B” here because it features Briley, but I liked the action featured in “C”. Notice the first appearances of the planes (ah … but I’m not giving that away yet!)

So Daryl went back and put together a second version. Shown here:

Timeline Sketch 2
Timeline Sketch 2





So the pieces start to come together. There’s Briley and Kendrick in his pirate mask, and an elusive Nordlander airship is featured as well. The rest appears as you see it now on the page and on Facebook.

Needless to mention, I’ve gotten a lot of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ over these images. Do try to find Daryl Toh on DeviantArt and give him a like!

Coming soon to a theater near you, the planes!



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