The Writing Scrumboard – 7/10/2015

Taking a page out of my old AGILE SCRUM meetings, I thought it would make things interesting by reporting status on my various writing projects:


DARKEST HOUR (VANQUISH BOOK #1): YA/alternate history set during The Battle of Britain. Final editing and revisions complete, sent to publisher for typesetting. Illustration for cover pending.

STORM CROW (VANQUISH BOOK #2): First draft. Approximately 15,000 words written.

WAR BIRD (VANQUISH BOOK #3): Outlining, title pending

THE LAST EMPRESS: YA/alternate history set during Russian Revolution. 70,000 words approx. Second draft completed. Temporary cover. Some queries, made no response. On hold.

A SOUL TO STEAL (HOLLYWOOD MAGIC #1): Fantasy noir takes place in 1948 Hollywood. Approximately 15,000 words.


ZAC CORBIN AND THE MASTER OF MACHINES: Animation/kids feature. Submitted to several contests and made semi-finals; script requested by a number of companies. No response. No further plans for submissions.

THE LAST EMPRESS: Cable/TV series. Submitted to several agencies and entered in contests. Response mostly positive in contests but not getting many requests from agencies or reps. No further plans for submissions.

A SOUL TO STEAL: Fantasy noir feature. Script version being adapted into book. Entered in contests. Positive response from coverage, middling to lukewarm response from agencies and reps. No further plans for submissions until after contests.

So as of today, I have two books that I’m currently working on. DARKEST HOUR has no publish date, but I expect to hear from Divertir Publishing when typesetting has been completed.

I’ve held off any more script writing for now. IMHO, script writing seems counterproductive. Today’s film market is leaning towards small independent movies, book adaptations and big reboots/sequels. My scripts are either too late (BIG HERO 6 has taken over the kid/robot market), too big (LAST EMPRESS is too big/expensive for a TV show and not based on any well-known book or concept) or just not getting any attention. So it’s back to the novel and I’m always looking for some short story ideas.



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