Status Report, Scotty!

Much has changed since my last posting on this poor, deserted Interwebs thing called my blog. I thought it would be nice to keep folks informed on what’s going down. So like the chief engineer on board a certain starship, there’s news both good and bad…

Scotty! Status report!

1) MOVIN’ ON UP: I picked myself up from point A (just over the state line in Pennsylania) and managed to arrive at point B (about twenty minutes from Virginia Beach, Virginia) without too much pain, but man did it take a very long time to get everything accomplished. There’s just so much a person could do without tearing his hair out. Selling my house (in this crazy market), searching for a new place to live, handling all the paperwork, taking care of old debts, cleaning the place and fixing things, the dividing of property with the grace of Solomon, it all happened in some kind of crazy order.

2) A PUPPY GOES TO HEAVEN: As if there wasn’t enough happening, my sweet wonderful Alaskan Malamute, Juneau, passed away just weeks  before closing on the current house.

All shaggy after a bath
All shaggy after a bath

This was painful, to say the least, and totally changed my house search plans. I was concerned about upsetting her because she didn’t handle long trips or change or stress very well. Wherever she is now, she’s chasing rabbits and having treats by the box and frozen broccoli (her favorite) by the bag, I’m sure.

3) ACTUAL WRITING TOOK PLACE: I was determined to finish something during this whole move-em mess. I finally managed to wring out the last chapters to the second ZAK CORBIN book, NEPTUNE’S FURY, and posted them to Wattpad. Many of the readers were happy but they all cried out and moaned, “oh no! another cliffhanger!” Those things happen.

4) AND MORE: I’m three-quarters of the way done with my revisions to CALL OF THE KESTREL, the first of a new adventure series that will be published and distributed through Divertir Publishing. The senior editor, Jen Corkill Hunt , has been very patient waiting for these revisions, for which I’m grateful. Between the move and the pressures of my day job, I’ve had no time to focus on KESTREL until recently.  Now I have a place and a desk to rest my head, so the writing proceeds.

5) AND EVEN MORE: I have plans to work on…

  • A revised title for the first Briley Bannatyne book and maybe even the series.
  • Writing several “prequel” stories to post on Wattpad as a sneak preview.
  • Brushing up on my old sketchpad and pencils for some KESTREL drawings (like the great old Star Wars Sketchbooks by Ralph McQuarrie, which were preproduction guides to vehicles and scenes from the Star Wars movies and books).
  • Send cover design ideas to Daryl Toh so he can start to work his magic.
  • Plot out a story featuring a new character from ZAK CORBIN: NEPTUNE’S FURY. (Hint: Russian dieselpunk set in the Cold War 1950s)
  • And yes, yes, the second Briley Bannatyne novel! At least I have a cool title for that one.

So that’s the status, Captain. Now let’s get away from those Klingons orbiting Uranus. 🙂


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