RED MOON RISING Coming to an End


RED MOON RISING will no longer be available as a free on-line novel on after July of this year. The .epub and .mobi e-reader files will be moved here. To read the book online, the book will be available on Wattpad and on

For the past five months, I’ve been laboring furiously away at RED MOON RISING, a STAR WARS novel dedicated to continuing the stories  I created in the STAR WARS ADVENTURE JOURNAL published by West End Games.

Now it’s time to end the adventure and bring the story to a close. Starting next week, I will be releasing the last exciting chapters of RED MOON RISING every day. No more waiting! It’s like binging on Netflix, without the subscription cost.

Battle of Jakku

It’s been a fun romp. I tried to move the characters of Brixie Ergo, Sully Tigereye, Hugo Cutter, Ivey Deacon and of course Colonel Andrephan Stormcaller forward.  One of the things I noticed is how much my writing style has and has not changed since the days of the Adventure Journal. My characters have grown from the short blurbs where they first appeared. I’m paying much more attention to the consequences of their actions. I find myself concerned with character development as well as plotting and pacing.

Brixie’s mother in the Bio Sphere

Putting this fanfiction together was both rewarding and at times annoying–I couldn’t understand why the book hasn’t received the same sort of attention as other fanfiction titles on sites like Wattpad and I admit, RED MOON RISING is a drop in the bucket there. Writers are constantly posting new things there all the time. This is the odd nature of writing fanfiction–you’re writing for free and looking for an audience. Maybe if the story involved characters people knew, like Rey or Finn or Poe Dameron or goth Dark Jedi Kylo Ren, that may have produced a different result.

Still, it’s been fun merging my “New Republic era” characters with the events of The Force Awakens. I can’t wait to bring you the ending. ‘Tis a whopper!

Battle for Defiance Base

And now for something exciting:

I am considering releasing RED MOON RISING in paperback and ebook (Kindle format). There will be a limited run of physical books, each signed by me. You can carry the RED MOONS around and reread their adventures. Since I’m producing these out of my own pocket (I can’t charge money for publication since I don’t own STAR WARS), there will only be this limited run. The book will be made available as an ebook .pub or .azw file on this site and on

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