Progress on Zak Corbin: Neptune’s Fury

And so progress continues with the adventures of Zak, his friends and a certain seven-and-a-half foot tall robot.

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The plot so far: Zak and Pogo are called upon to rescue a research ship in distress. They encounter a way bigger, and malfunctioning, exploration robot. Lisabeth explains to Zak that she can’t spend the summer with him. Much teen heartbreak ensues. The connection between the research ship and a sunken ocean liner named Neptune is made.

It’s been a tough week. I wasn’t named a finalist in the Amazon contest (much consternation among the other semis, but that is to be expected.) So its back to querying agents and publishers.  One of the authors who didn’t make the contest semi-finals apparently got an agent in in two days, and then landed a three-book deal with St Martin’s Press, a nice advance and then promptly quit her regular job to go write. That’s just what I want, in that order.

I have a close relative in extended home care now. It’s tough on everyone, and I can’t help but feel the similarity to my own mother’s passing several years ago. It’s hard to concentrate, write your own stuff, work your regular job and still act like a human being to the rest of the world.

The bright spots were definitely receiving and posting Daryl’s art for VANQUISH. I was glad to see so many people liking it on Facebook.I’ll try to put together a gallery on the main VANQUISH page here.



Keep on trucking!


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