New Interview – I Am A Reader, Not A Writer

I was graciously invited to submit to some interview questions from the I Am A Reader, Not A Writer blog. I was offered a slew of questions, of which I answered the top 15 which I thought were relevant or funny. For your hard work at reading, there’s a giveaway for a signed copy of ZAK CORBIN at the bottom!

In Other News/Links:

Just to remind myself that not everything is rosy even when you’re an accomplished literary author, there’s this interesting excerpt from Benjamin Anastas’ book: “Too Good To Be True”, from Salon.  It takes a tough author to admit that his work might make people yawn with excitement.

I’m offering more signed copies to giveaway too: one on GoodReads and another on my Facebook page.

CreateSpace sent me a lovely email telling me that if I place an order for a 1,000+ books, I get 20% off. How nice! No thanks. I don’t want to get a storage space for copies of ZAK that won’t sell.

I got the email from Amazon that I wish EVERYBODY would get — a product placement email listing that I might be interested in purchasing a copy of ZAK CORBIN from their web site. According to authors, this is the Holy Grail of all emails.  Too bad nobody else will get one, because I think I got this particualr email because I keep using Amazon’s search engine to find Zak on their site just to see if there are new reviews or ratings.

Want the email? I’ll gladly forward it to you!

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