New ideas, humming along

Well, its time for one of those posts that doesn’t contain any freebies or yaks about how swell I am with the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. This post is all about new ideas and writing. Last year was quite epic for me in terms of writing. I wrote ZAK CORBIN: MASTER OF MACHINES, which is a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest (you just knew I couldn’t resist plugging that, right?) And then, just because I could, I followed that up with my most recent masterpiece, a work I’ve titled VANQUISH.

I’m trying to get the attention of literary agents with this current piece. That’s because the rules of the Amazon contest state that, as a semi-finalist (there’s that word again!), I can’t present or market the ZAK CORBIN manuscript to any other interested agents or parties for a period up until the contest deadline and a little bit of time beyond that. There is a tiny chance (like winning is a tiny chance) that my work could still generate interest and a book deal. So while I hold my breath, I have been trolling the waters with my new work.

So what is this story about? Well, without giving too much away (the picture above probably helps), VANQUISH is about the Battle of Britain. But it’s not. You see, I’m a total goofball. History is just not exciting enough. So there’s a few “embellishments” here and there. The best way I can describe it, VANQUISH is an exciting alternative history where certain crucial events of the past have changed society and the participants of the Second World War. Actually, that’s just the background. The story is about a young girl in England who ends up becoming a fighter pilot — without cutting her hair off and pretending to be a boy. Told you I was a total goofball.

So that’s my latest. So while I court the literary world with VANQUISH, I’m on to my next writing project. It’s only in the outlining phase. Actually, it’s not even barely in outline form. I’m “ideafying”, my own explanation for how I pull together concepts and characters.

So, that’s my latest to-do on my writing. Enjoy your day!

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