More Writing Underway and Another VANQUISH Image

First the good news:

Progress continues with the adventures of Zak, his friends and a certain seven-and-a-half foot tall robot.

[progpress title=”Neptune’s Fury” goal=”70000″ current=”24500″]

Okay, that’s not great but it is progress. Our intrepid boys are about to embark on an exploration of derelict research ship. Nice and creepy!

I sent queries out to a number of prospective literary agents and one publisher for VANQUISH. I’m hopefully optimistic, since I can now include “2013 Amazon Contest semifinalist” in the subject heading. How’s that for attention getting?

And the best news of all. Daryl read a copy of VANQUISH and he enjoyed it so much, he sent along a lovely piece of artwork with his comments. So now here’s another wonderful image of Briley and Kendrick from Daryl Toh, all done up like a vintage photograph (click the image to see larger):

Vanquish - Briley and Kendrick








They look a little rough and ready here, which of course gets me thinking about a clever little side story. Tune in for more details!



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