More Progress On Neptune’s Fury

Finally, some momentum on Zak Corbin’s newest adventure:

[progpress title=”Neptune’s Fury” goal=”70000″ current=”16000″]

As things progress, all of Zak’s friends have plans for the rest of summer vacation — except for him, until his uncle introduces him to a sea captain and a challenge.

The more important changes are three new teens who come from a different high school which I’m calling the Benjamin Franklin School for Science and Technology (there’s a similar school in Virginia where I lived, hence the name.) This is the high school Zak wished he could go to, but there are supplementary tuition requirements as well as a tight-lipped admissions board. Zak’s friend Jason applied to Ben Franklin twice and was rejected.

The three new characters are Aristotle Adler (Ari), Juliet Pierson and Lucille Tagilo. They’re all exceptional students, the top of their class at the most elite high school in the state, but they all have their specific flaws which will be explored during the course of the book.

These three teens have been recruited, along with Zak, to help a wealthy man explore a sunken ocean liner named Neptune. (Ah, the title of the story now comes into focus!) No one has managed to explore a wreck at this depth.

So far, so good!





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