Keeping Track of Writing Neptune’s Fury

Just so you folks have something to read and I have something to aim for, I have decided to include posts of my progress writing the next Zak Corbin title, which I currently am calling Neptune’s Fury.

This story has been problematic for months now. I start and stop, start and stop. The idea is all there, it’s just in the execution and the actual writing that I’m displeased with. I was on my fourth rewrite when I decided the tone of the story was all wrong. It was much too serious for the younger end of the YA audience (and I have my nephews to think about). So anyway, I’m starting up again and including a little progress bar as I go along:

[progpress title=”Neptune’s Fury” goal=”70000″ current=”4910″]

That’s roughly the first two chapters. So off we go again!




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