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Gutenberg Bible

In the midst of slaving away at my normal nine-to-five job (which is becoming more and more like a eight to midnight job) I am moving forward with the publication of Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest semi-finalist, ZAK CORBIN: MASTER OF MACHINES. This is actually the third time I self-published my work and the contrasts between back then and today are considerable.

I published two books on CafePress in the early 2000s (the Oughts?). I created the cover images myself, formatted the text and created a PDF which I then uploaded into CafePress. They had several different items for sale besides print books, so I could reuse the images for other products like mouse pads, posters and other items which I gave away at promotions.

The books looked good, but I only produced about 20 of each title and only 3 were ever purchased by complete strangers. That was the problem. Creating a book is not difficult. Selling a book was an effort on to itself.

Today, things have changed. Books can be formatted and sold much more quickly and easily as e-books. I have hired a wonderful illustrator to provide a design for a cover. There are several outlets to choose from, enabling a wide market reach. For social networking I have my blog, my Facebook author page, forums on Amazon where I participated in the contest, library forums, writing forums, and I hope to make print versions or ebook  ARC (advanced reader copies) available to anyone willing to take a chance to read and review my work.

So fingers are crossed. There’s nothing “50 Shades” about Zak Corbin, but you never know what could happen!

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