Getting Inspired

So I’ve been reviewing some of my collections here. I’m definitely getting a “Mad Men Meets Future” vibe.

So, I’m lining up my next Work in Progress. The last time I looked for inspiration, I went to, which is a great site full of digital, traditional, photographic and other kinds of inspirational artwork from artists both amateur and professional.  I decided I would clue you in on some of my newest finds. Much kudos for these images goes to an artist who goes by the handle .  It’s very cool, retro and inspiring.  Can you guess there’s a theme here?

Here’s another:

Almost Batmobile here:

A little Mad Max:

This screams dieselpunk

A cellphone from that era
I wouldn’t mind having a PC that looked like this
Almost like a continuation from my last WIP
Can you see the villain driving around in something like this?
I’m really impressed with this artist’s choice of colors and shading.
So that’s a small piece of the collection. From a storytelling POV, I have no idea how it all fits together. Yet. But that’s the fun of creativity.

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