End of The Year — Mile Markers

As the end of the year makes its appearance and the holiday seasons turns into the gray season of dread (January), so too comes the awful Best Of The Year lists that appear on web sites promoting everything from Most Buzzed-About Tweet to Worst Use of a Spatula Outside the Kitchen. I thought I’d post some things I managed to accomplish and some things in the hopper.

1) That Publishing Deal — This is, of course, one of my favorites. Divertir Publishing stepped forward and said they wanted to put my work in print.  Much appreciation goes out to  Ken Tupper and Jen Corkill-Hunt for taking that chance. Happy dance commences. So the book has a title change and an editor, who is still working diligently on it. So I am both hopeful and a little daunted by the edits that will soon come my way. Look for Darkest Hour sometime in 2015.

2) A Completed Brand New Book — I am extremely pleased to announce the completion and posting of The Last Empress (currently available for free on Wattpad). This is a brand-new series of stories about the last Romanov princess set against the backdrop of a steampunk Russian Revolution. Its all very exciting stuff.  I am contemplating self-publishing this work, but it needs a strong edit and perhaps a rewrite because of (3) down below.

The Last Empress
The Last Empress

3) Screenplays! — Yes, I adapted Zak Corbin; Master of Machines and The Last Empress into the visual world. I entered Zak Corbin in the PAGE International Screenplay Writing Competition and made Quarter Finalist (not bad for my first script and its first contest). Since then, Zak has been haunting The Black List web site and I’ve entered the screenplay into the BlueCat screenplay competition. Speaking of screenplays, I wrote The Last Empress as a 1-hour TV pilot. I’m looking to create the next Game of Thrones here, so the results of recent pitches and an entry into the Celtx Screenwriting Felllowship competition. The winners get to sit down with producers and agents in Los Angeles. (I’m packed and ready to go)

4) Up and Coming — I have some work that is on the slate. I am still pondering the second and third book of the Darkest Hour series because of edits and revisions to the first book. It’s kind of a Catch 22 here.  There is the chance of submitting new work to an anthology from Dark House Books, giving me the chance to dust off my sci-fi skills and return to the retro-futurism of the 1939 New York World’s Fair.  Then, of course, I have the next book of The Last Empress to write. I already have a title and the plot running through my heads.

5) Life, The Universe and Everything — So I’m living in my new digs on the shore of Virginia. It’s a very pleasing place to be, even in the winter. I’ve made some wonderful new friends, reached out and made some important contacts, had a great birthday dinner, traveled all around the area, and look forward to a happy and productive new year as a writer.

Hope your year has been merry and bright too!



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