Divertir Publishing to release Briley, Zak and more into the wild!

I am very pleased to announce that Divertir Publishing will be the official home of my written work.  As mentioned in owner Kenneth Tupper’s blog post,  he enjoyed the manuscript I submitted and expressed his desire to publish it as well as my other stories, including ZAK CORBIN and more.

I’m also extremely (as in bouncing off the walls) happy to announce that Daryl Toh (who wonderfully illustrated ZAK CORBIN‘s cover and more) will illustrate the cover design for this new series of aerial adventures featuring brave Briley Bannatyne and that wily sky pirate, Kendrick.

Briley and Kendrick
Briley and Kendrick

So what does all of this mean? I find many things that are very appealing about Divertir Publishing. The first, and most important, reason  to work with them is that they are willing to take a risk. Flip through Amazon and you’ll see a lot of cookie -cutter books out there. Divertir isn’t really interested in publishing another Twilight or the next of anything that already is in print. Hats off to them for giving me a try.

The advantage of having a publisher is that I will have another set of eyeballs on my work and a champion in my corner. Divertir will provide excellent editing and analysis of my words. They will help me aim my books towards the right readers, make suggestions, spread the word on social networks and encourage reviewers to try my books.  I tried to do this when I self-published ZAK CORBIN, but I don’t have as wide a range as Divertir does. So you’re going to see me do a lot more blogging, a lot more encouraging of other writers and a lot more spreading the word about Divertir’s other books.

How long until the new book comes out? What will the new book’s title be? The new book needs to undergo a polish and some minor revisions. I’ll send out an announcement about the time frame for the book’s release and its title when I get that info. As of now, the book’s working title is CALL OF THE KESTREL.  And yes, it’s the first of a series.

What will happen to ZAK CORBIN: MASTER OF MACHINES? The free version will remain on Wattpad for the immediate time.  The self-published e-book version that appears on Smashwords, B&N, Sony, Kobo and Amazon will come down. So too will the printed copy that you can order from Amazon. There will be a revised edition which will only be available through Divertir and their distributors. Divertir will also publish new ZAK CORBIN stories.

What happened to ZAK CORBIN the movie script? Amazon Studios privately reviewed it and passed. The script has been made public on Amazon Studios and is available for download and review here. Feel free to read it!

Are you still going to write and comment on Wattpad?  Absolutely. It’s a great platform and I’ve already got an audience through ZAK CORBIN. You might see me experiment with some new stuff or extend Briley or Zak’s worlds with side-adventures and short stories.

Will Divertir reprint your work from West End Games and STAR WARS? Nope. That work still belongs to Lucasfilm. Of course, you probably already noted my tweet about Disney “Throwing the baby out with the bathwater” regarding what they’re going to do to the Star Wars Extended Universe. All of WEG’s work for the New Republic Era is officially “undone”. Way to go, Disney.

Will Daryl Toh be doing more than just the cover for the new book? Where can I see more of his artwork?  The short answer is “yes”; more on that later. To see more of Daryl in action, check him out on DeviantArt.




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