Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Plans For More Star Wars Movies

Okay, I can see the smirks on all of your faces. Walt Disney bought Lucasfilm, along with Star Wars and Indiana Jones, for four and a half billion Mouse bucks. Does the world really need new Star Wars movies? Is is true George Lucas won’t be involved? Am I running a Hollywood buzz site?

Well you can answer those as ‘I don’t care’, ‘I don’t know’ and ‘No’.  For the first question, what the world really needs is love, peace and understanding. Movies are a commodity and an entertainment, like books and music. We shouldn’t run our lives around such things, but there are plenty of folks who do. Hence, there’s a zillion or so Hollywood buzz web sites. I don’t run one of those sites, but the prospect of there being more Star Wars movies is very exciting to a geek like me.

Why? Yes, I was one of those crazed teenagers who couldn’t wait to see the first movies. They were inspirational not only because they were crowd-pleasing, but they were creative, risk-taking films. George Lucas built his universe from scratch, begging and borrowing from other sources both literary and mythological.

So if there a chance (a tiny tiny chance) for me to get back into writing for this world, where do I sign my soul over?


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