DARKEST HOUR, The Unboxing!

It’s always fun to get a box in the mail.  Hmm, let’s see what’s inside?

Box One
What’s In The Box?

Well, it looks like it’s full of paper.

Box Two
Hmm, I could have sworn this was much heavier

Oh my, George Takei. Lookee here. Presents from the publisher!!

The Books Are In The House
The Books Are In The House

As it so happens, I was in the middle of this when the UPS guy showed up.

By the light of my word processor....
By the light of my word processor….

So there you have it, ladies and gents. A book from idea to print. It only took, what, three or four years? (Sheesh)

May the next one appear at a much faster rate of speed.

Be sure to check the DARKEST HOUR page on this site for information about where to get your copy. Meanwhile, I’ve got a few giveaway winners to send out….


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