DARKEST HOUR Cover Reveal and Contest!

Lots of excitement on my end because the cover for DARKEST HOUR will be revealed this coming Thursday, December 10.

Briley and Kendrick
Briley and Kendrick

From The ABNA Publisher’s Weekly Review:

Briley and her brother Mackinley help to support their family by delivering the post by air and running a machine shop. When Mackinley is crippled in an accident, Briley assumes his place in the militia, and becomes an ace fighter pilot. Set in a world that is recognizably Britain just before World War II, women are allowed to fly, serve as officers, and command men. The richness of the novel’s imagined world and the rendering of flight scenes are superb. Beyond this, Briley is a complex and admirable model of young womanhood, strong, accomplished, and heroic, but also compassionate and human.

To celebrate the new book, there will be giveaways of the print version hosted on Goodreads. Check this space for the website URL to DARKEST HOUR and the giveaway contest!

On my blog here, sign up to receive a signed bookmark (the big kind, because I don’t do little wimpy bookmarks) or a promotional greeting card. Both the book mark and the promotional card feature great artwork from Daryl Toh.

If you sign up for one of these items, you’re automatically entered for a chance to win a signed copy of the book. [Suitable for framing, but please don’t use it as a coaster.]

So you can win either on Goodreads or right here. Sounds better than standing around in Best Buy, don’t you think? Please enter your name, mailing address, email address and preference to receive either a bookmark or a promo card. Only one item will be sent per email entry. The winner of the free signed print edition of the book will be randomly selected from all entries and notified by email.

Enter to Win a Signed Promotional Item
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Failure to supply a valid email address (for contest notification) will result in selection of a new valid winner.

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