Are You Keeping Up?

In case you forgot, I’ve been posting chapters of my serial novel, THE PRINCE OF TROUBLE, on JukePop Serials. It’s a great site for free fiction–be sure to join and keep up with my latest posts as well as other great stories.


The Prince of Trouble

SIDNEY DEXTER is a hard-working, quick-witted private detective in 1949 New Futura, a wondrous city of tomorrow with the former New York World’s Fair at its center. All Dexter has to do is babysit an important alien for a weekend of sightseeing and musical theater. 

UMFRA is a prince on his world, a rare male drone from a society of insect-like workers who live on distant Stygiex. Since the Stygiexians provide much of the galaxy’s labor for planet-spanning projects, Dexter can’t screw this important bugsitting job up. But after an encounter in a jazz club with a thug playing a machine-gun instead of a trumpet, it becomes clear that someone wants the prince dead. 

Seeking help from a former flame, skytaxi pilot MIRANDA BARON, Dexter must keep Umfra one step away from MAJESTRIX, a merciless queen-in-waiting. If the majestrix kills Umfra, the Stygiexian queen will be unable to reproduce and will die. The majestrix will succeed her. To prevent this, Umfra must return to Stygiex.

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