A Review for DARKEST HOUR and Engaging Young Readers in History

BBC Infographic
BBC Infographic showing differences between British and German forces at the Battle of Britain

Received greate news from Peter Schweighofer, my editor from West End Games’ The Official Star Wars Adventure Journal. He posted a review of DARKEST HOUR on his own website, Hobby Games Recce. Peter publishes his own games and dabbles writing source material that deals with cool historical subjects, including World War II. Some of the highlights from his review:

The young adult themes – life changes, increased responsibility, social struggles, the weight of one’s choices, and the personal brutality of war – seemed a little heavy handed at times, but worked well within the historical fantasy context to weave an engaging story…apparently the first in a series.

The article also includes mentions of The Battle of Britain in wargaming. I love jumping on Peter’s site because he pays attention to a lost artform–the tabletop and roleplay game.


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    Darkest Hour (Vanquish, #1)

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